About Us

Jigar Patel & Associates

Jigar Patel & Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm of Chartered Accountants based at Ahmedabad, started in 2011.

We are a team of professionals, headed by partner of the firm – Jigar Patel (BBA, FCA, D.IFRS). Our team includes CAs, CS, CFAs, MBAs from top B-Schools among other graduates and post graduates.

We work with various businesses to provide wide array of services like Accounting, Audit, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Corporate Laws, Consulting, Outsourcing etc.

Our focus is always on developing and maintaining professional relationship with clients which results into mutual growth. We add value to our clients by providing practical insights and bringing skills and expertise to their businesses. Rather being short sighted, we take a holistic view and suggest clients what is beneficial in longer term, though we lose fees while doing so.

We strongly believe that

Accounting is not about Debit Credit or keeping books up to date, ‘It is a mirror, where one should stand before and view his actual face.’

Audit is not just compliance, ‘It is more like a progress card of a progressive business.’

Paying taxes is not just a compulsory cash outflow, ‘It is part of a Corporate Social Responsibility.’

Law is not a restriction, ‘It describes how a person should ideally behave/act.’

Though it sounds more philosophical, we have practically inculcated such beliefs into our core values.


To provide various professional services to businesses which add value.


To become one-stop professional services firm of international repute by 2025.